Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Final Debris Yard Spiral Dance

I ran across something that Peter London said that really struck me, "Nature is not a noun. Nature is a verb, and the action that it engages in is creating. We see a tree, but nature is in the act of treeing. The same is true of mountains, meadows, roses, flamingoes, smelts, stars, and  summers. The dance of genesis may at times be slow, its steps subtle, but dance it is." What a wonderful idea. We can all be verbs rather than nouns. I'd love to think about my life as a dance.

The top painting was from a sketch in the yard. The bottom is, of course, the back and has a ghost spiral.
I am sure there will be more spirals, but not yet.


  1. I like the way the debris finds order with the spiral.

  2. The outside ( front) is dark and serious but the inside( back) is playful and fun. Hmmm. May be true in life as well. This might be a sign to lighten up and enjoy!


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