Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Small Drawings

Small drawings, lots of them, doing them looking at them, and why not just become them before doing a larger piece. That's my plan, back to the age old idea of doing lots of sketches until the thing is just tattooed inside you so thoroughly that its easy to do the bigger piece. I like to work "stream of conscious" but there is something missing in the final power of the images. So...maybe thumbnail and black and white ink on paper?

Starting Over Again When The Work Needs It.

As artists that we love our creative space so it’s hard to change when an idea or image plays out. I have some experience with this and the pain that goes with it. After resting for 2 years, it’s time to pull “It” together again and and reintegrate my very scattered work. It might be interesting and useful if I post my daily progress in a very unvarnished and honest way. This is after all supposed to be a daily blog and those that want to follow it can. I’ll try to be more verbal. Explanations and the thought process behind them are an important discipline to master. Such is one way we know ourselves. I love the “process” and like to look at the whole messy convoluted thing not just the final product. This gives me a way to do it and also a way to share.