Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Gold Fish

Size matters. The size we feel matters. The size we want to be matters. The size we think we are matters. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

One Way Ticket To The Promised Land

Capitalism is to democracy as process is to expression.
A little capitalism strictly controlled is probably good for the democratic process.  Not too much but just enough to keep us motivated and entrepreneurial.   It’s a bit of a stretch but a little “processing” is also good to keep the expression flowing in a drawing or painting as it keeps one nicely in the present moment. 
By process, I mean taking each piece moment by moment and concentrating more on the energy and inspiration than a preconceived product.  You should never really know what you will end up with and it’s easy to overwork or ruin pieces. They can unravel before your eyes within minutes. The artist must be very clear about what he/she wants to happen, and then the dance begins.  One has to know oneself pretty well for the unconscious to compliment the work in this way.  It’s not distracted, random play but rather serious, intentional play.  Zen comes to mind. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

River Bottom

Process in action:  the above painting is darker than the original and is what I want. Hard for me to get the values right with watermedia. Below in the actual painting.  How to get there from here.  Cropping helped the bottom.  More layering might help too.

Attitude Issues

Sometimes I’m passionately involved in sorting through lots of strategies for making images usually referred to as “The Process”.  The great almighty “process”.  Let’s talk about what the process is supposed to do and why it’s so revered.
1.  It is a doorway to surprising and unpredictable psychic events and feelings from the unconscious. So the artist can go deeper into the well for new material. 
2.  To “process” an image the artist must be in present moment time and wrestle up close with powerful forces (hopefully) that will produce an image with “presence”.  In other words an image that will live in the psyche in some way. 
3.  The artist must not control the image and decide beforehand the outcome or he/she will kill the process. 
4.  Often “mixed media” with it’s variey of mark making possibilities offers a good starting place for the artist.  Those materials provide an open door for exploration of “the process”.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

What is there to paint?

I’m not going to worry much about my work anymore. Those things; is it original?  Too postmodern?  What is this?  Why am I even doing this?  And it goes on and on.  There is always a story line and I will always love the characters. Maybe it’s joke.  The good kind. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The I Of Everything

I’ve been painting sketchbook Mandalas since last December and not sure what exactly it’s accomplished but interestingly enough, I can see myself more clearly.  Still not sure which is right and which is left officially but they are great centering and warmup pieces.  The above is July 9 and the one below Jan 18. Quite a difference. I want this to happen with my work this year also and I’m beginning to find a way through the desolation of my soul. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

It’s All Absymal

I’ve let go of FB and I doubt that very many people will read this so I feel quite safe putting all my personal work notes on a blog. I need a diary of the unvarnished truth of what I will be up against this year. A sabbatical from my retirement. A tour of the abysmal space and a visit to the void. Stream of conscious, yess!  Editing, boo!  So whatever I write complete with illustrations may be altered after posting  but only a minimal necessary amount for the sake of clarity not image.  A kind of “fun house” for the psyche, well er, soul. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dark Garden

I’m starting my blog again, and posting the commentary here with images no less. FB has failed me as an artistic community with its politics and squabbling etc.  I am in full retreat to a safe corner from which to do a new body of work but just what that means I’m not sure.  Use up all my art supplies in a year? Would love that!  Suddenly, the description of process is the primary focus here, not the images.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Backyard As It Really Is

Marley is there, the blood red shadow of the trees and of course the foliage and shed. My work has always included an obsession with my backyards probably because they are my most intimate nonhuman connections. I celebrate backyards although not the type with perfect 2” manicured lawns. Each has its own unique personality and this one has hidden secrets. The dog knows where to look.