Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carnivorous Plant

My dream of a deadly plant, one with a leering face. An angry and vengeful garden plot. Where this image came from I don't quite know.


  1. Hello There -
    I decided instead of just observing your waterline art from face book I would actually get on the blog and tell you how much I have like some of your pieces, and to also say I am excited to have you coming back home. You have done some really great things and I hope this focused rest has been helpful to you. Gabbe and Michael came to Linnea's 20th birthday party. We has a great time and I am so happy that Gabbe is close. I look forward to a barbecue and going over all the things you have been able to do this past year.

    Love and hugs from all the Pugmires

  2. Very strong little garden creature. I love the colors! Who cares where it came from just keep going !


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