Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mary Dreyer and I collaborated to produce this section of the Indian River. I like the torn pieces of the water that go past the edge of the paper. The river has complexity and color. We tried to express that.


  1. Great idea . I can feel and smell the river. The pieces that burst from the frame are really intriguing.

  2. Thanks. This is mainly Mary's piece. I did the inventive part. I tore it up and glued it back together.

  3. That was a fun and special thing to do, I loved it. Tons of unconscious things come out when working this way. I learned that. Like the way my pieces were so different on the tops from the bottoms. And Jodie, glad you can comfortably post your thoughts on these after getting your computer difficulty worked out. These are a fertile ground begging for your insights!!!!


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